Current Writing Setup

Current Writing Setup

I’ve recently created a perfect writing setup that I can use for both work and personal projects.

Visual Studio Code

I use Visual Studio to write in Markdown and Restructured Text. VS Code has become my text editor of choice because of all the features and plugins.

The plugins I use consistently are:

markdownlint - This allows you to set rules around the format of the markdown you write. It helps me keep clean and easy to read markdown files.

HTTP/s and relative link checker - This plugin checks for broken markdown links and returns the results in the Output of VS Code.

Markdown All in One - This plugin has a lot of markdown shortcuts to help you write markdown faster. It also includes additions for math, autocomplete and table of contents.


Vale is a prose-style linter. I use this in my terminal to check my work against a style guide. At work, we use custom rules. In my projects, I tend to use the premade Microsoft Style Guide.

I hope this was helpful to you.

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